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  • Joe Sierra
    Sales Manager
    (718) 786-1660 Ext 351

    Joe Sierra is one of our Sales Managers here at Koeppel Subaru.  Joe is one of the funniest people you will ever have the chance to meet.  He is also known for being an amazing host and a perfectionist.  He loves all sports from soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, as well as formula one racing.  When Joe is not at work he loves spending quality time with his family and taking his kids to the park.  He also shares a love for dogs.

  • Gary Zias
    Sales Manager
    (877) 286-0260 Ext 518

  • Maureen Heffernan
    Business Manager
    718-786-1660 x519

  • Jose Lopez
    Business Manager
    (888) 427-8227

  • Sergey Nikolenko
    Sales Consultant
    (718) 786-1660 Ext 523

  • Mike Kapsa
    Sales Consultant
    (718) 786-1660 Ext 530

    Mike Kapsa is one our Koeppel Subaru's Sales Consultants.  Mike offers 8 years in the automotive industry and is a Subaru owner himself.  He loves Asian & Indian food.  He is also an avid animal lover and loves the outdoors.

  • Benjamin Atwell
    Sales Consultant
    (718) 786-1660 Ext 516

    It doesn't get any better when your Subaru product specialist Ben Atwell has a passion for cars and drives a Subaru WRX. Ben has over 5 years in the auto industry and stands behind the vehicle he sells.

    When searching for a new or pre-owned Subaru, you want a product specialist that's knowledgable and trustworthy. There's only one choice, call Ben today!

  • Nelson Peraza
    Sales Consultant
    718-786-1660 Ext 504

    It's not just about selling cars at Koeppel Subaru. It's about relationships and the places you will take your Subaru. We want to be a part of your journey through life.

    Call Nelson today to schedule your test drive!

  • William Wenzel
    Sales Consultant
    (718) 786-1660 Ext 515

    Meet product specialist and Subaru owner William Wenzel of Koeppel Subaru. As a daily Subaru driver, William has the knowledge you need to help make the most educated decision based on your needs.

    No matter your financial situation, William will make sure you get into the RIGHT vehicle at a price you can afford.

    Call William today to schedule your test drive!

  • Kenneth Wu
    Sales Consultant
    (718) 786-1660 Ext 514

    Meet Koeppel Subaru product specialist Kenneth Wu.

    With an extensive knowledge of the entire Subaru lineup, Kenneth will confidently get you into the RIGHT Subaru at the best price possible.

    Kenneth's passion for traveling and his hobbies keep him motivated! In his spare time, you can catch him cooking, hitting the gym, cycling, and pretty much anything outdoors.

    Call Kenneth today to schedule your test drive.

  • Jordan Germosen
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager
    (718) 786-1660 Ext 509

  • Meeza O' Dair
    Sales Consultant
    (877) 286-0206 Ext 507

    Meeza O' Dair is part of our Sales Consultant team.  Meeza enjoys camping, hiking, bowling, shooting pool, and dancing in her free time.  She loves to cook and loves to eat at all different kinds of restaurants, along with trying new food.  She is currently learning how to play golf.  Meeza's favorite quote is, "Music is life."

  • George Koularmanis
    Service Manager
    (718) 786-1660 ext.551

  • Evan Reynolds
    Sales Consultant
    (877) 286-0260 Ext 381

    Meet Evan Reynolds, one of our Sales Consultants.  Evan loves all sports, but his favorite team is the Butler Bulldogs.  In his free time, he loves going to the movies.  Evan went to school for graphic arts and design, he shares a passion for art and fashion and is a very creative individual.

  • Richie Robinson
    Parts Director
    (718) 786-1660 ext. 335

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