My daughter and son in-law decided it was time for me to say goodbye to my 1999 Town and Country ltd. I expressed how much I like Subaru so they went on the search and found my 2011 Forester. Car was finance paid for all the services, extra warranty, new inspection, registration, title etc. To this date and almost three months later two temporary window registration the car is still not registered with the DMV. A lot of bs about problems with the tittle. Can this dealer be trust? You decide.
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Sales (New)

Jimmy Bozza and the staff made getting my first Subaru such a pleasant experience. Everything from the greeting at the door to driving off the lot was almost effortless.
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Sales (New) - Lindenhurst, NY

Had a great experience at this dealership, the staff was friendly, professional and very helpful with all of my questions. The manager I dealt with was Jimmy bozza. He was a pleasure to work with and made the experience greater than I had anticipated when buying a new car. Thank you Jimmy for being so patient with me and meeting all my needs! You have exceeded all of my expectations and will be recommended to many!
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Sales (Used)

So my father and I were desperately looking for a new car since we sold our old car. We went to so many dealers and all them around northern blvd were just a waste of time with unreasonable prices for thier cars. We were about to head home till we finally found Koeppel Subaru and decided to take a look. As soon as we entered we met with Ashley who helped us out and showed us cars that we were interested in. Ashley was very nice and very friendly and answered all my dads questions and at no point was she annoyed. She wasn't annoying nor was she forcing us to buy this one particular car we were fond of and she gave us a few days to think about. Eventually a few days later we go back and we got a great price car thanks to Ashley and my dad purchased the car on the spot. Ashley helped us with everything and made all the paperwork as pleasant as possible and we're very grateful for her and Koeppel Subaru. Thanks for an amazing car buying experience and an amazing car!
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Sales (New)

george rodriguez
let me start by saying this thank you to jimmy bozza, nino tirburzi, and maureen heffernan.. you guys know how to welcome someone with open arms.. i felt very comforable with nino since i walked into the door and the sale went so smooth.. jimmy thanks for everything you are a man of your word.. i never felt so happy coming to a dealership until i came into koeppel subaru .. and maureeen thank you for all your magic with the finance part..was very knowledgeable and easy-going .. theses guys truly are the best in there respective platforms, i am so glad that i purchased my car here. i am so glad mark told me to come see u.. thank you again for welcoming me in the koeppel subaru family..
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Sales (New) - New York, NY

Unfortunately, i made a big mistake in going to this dealership. They are the slimy, sleazy type of dealership that will tell you anything they think you want to hear and will not follow through with their promises. Tom was the sales person i dealt with and was great in the beginning especially when i put down my 2k. He first said he would get a specific type of car i wanted they said he never said that, only said he would "try". He was rude, condescending and not professional at all. I also had the displeasure of dealing with Maureen, who would say she would call me back and never made any attempts of communicating with me. She also had the nerve to tell my husband she tried calling me and never did, no message- nothing! The only good thing about this whole experience was that it was taught me alot of what not to do and not put up with. Thankfully i went to Star Subaru and was able to purchase my car and everything about them was wonderful!
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Sales (New) - Brooklyn, NY

I came in to check on the cars, to take a road test (if possible). Real buyer (but not right away). I was just shopping around. My experience: salesman tried to behave like he's doing me a favor on every step of the show. A lot of obstacles to take a test. I decided to leave. Not coming back. Mean services. 30 min before I just had opposite experience with another dealership.
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Service - New York, NY

Heard from Subaru corporate via voice mail on April 1st, said they would revert on Thursday April 3rd- To date no word back. B March 26th, 2014 Mr. Takeshi Tachimori Chairman, President and CEO Subaru of America 2235 Marlton Pike W Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 Re- Invoice # 18343- Dear Mr. Tachimori, In all things having to do with business and in fact life, we rely on an element of trust. We make a contract, an arrangement for services. I pay you this, and you agree to provide that. In almost every human transaction we allow trust to rule. I hope you will agree with me that when that trust is threatened we are in a dark area, one not easily recovered from. On March 21st, 2014, I brought my 2010 Subaru Outback to Koeppel Subaru for 4 new tires as well as an alignment. The cost of the service was $858.14. I picked up the car that evening and immediately sensed something wrong. The tires were all new and in great shape but the car was handling in a sluggish way. As I was on Northern Boulevard I credited the road for the issue. That evening my wife and I drove up to the Catskills, driving mainly on I-87, the New York Thruway, and found that the alignment had not been done, or had been done very poorly. In fact the car was veering to the left and then to the right. The next morning, Saturday, I spoke with the service advisor Miguel Enriquez. I explained that in my opinion that the alignment had not been done. How else could one account for the constant veering to the left or right? Miguel seemed to feel that the alignment was done, and in fact offered that he saw them do it. As far as I understand the alignment was not done at the Subaru dealership, but at a trusted partner. On Tuesday March 25th, I brought the car back to Koeppel Subaru, where once again I was told that the alignment had been done; however, they were going to fix it. At 3:06PM, I received a call from the Service Advisor. They took the car to yet another shop and found that there was indeed something wrong with the initial alignment. That evening I picked up the car, spoke with two more folks at Subaru, who still insisted that the alignment had been done, even after their foreman drove it and then brought it to another vendor for an alignment. What strikes me in all of this is not once did anyone offer an apology. In view of the circumstance I would have thought that was the least they could do. My wife and I love our Subaru; we hope it will be our last car. We tend to it with great care and have placed our trust in the service schedule prescribed by Subaru. At this time I have lost faith in Koeppel Subaru. I feel that they have stolen my money, and they have lost my trust. In the future I sincerely doubt we will purchase another Subaru, to do so would be an invitation to the shoddy service I have received so far. Sincerely, Burton Fitzpatrick CC- Thomas J. Doll ? Executive Vice President, COO and CFO-Cherry Hill Service Manager Koeppel Subaru- Miguel Enriquez ? Service Advisor Koeppel Subaru
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Sales (Used) - Alexandria, VA

Car buying can be difficult to say the least but the staff at Koeppel Subaru work hard to make car buying a great experience. Nino Tirburzi (Sales) and Maureen Heffernan (Finance) truly deserve a 5-star rating for their services. Nino (Sales) was excellent all around, specifically he tries his best to attend your every need and has some of the best customer service skills I have experienced in any service industry. He is very knowledgeable on the technical specifications of the cars he sells. He is also honest and genuine two words not often synonymous with car sales. Maureen (Finance) was very knowledgeable and easy-going in processing my Finance application. Maureen works with numerous banks and has made the application process and procedure very easy to understand and follow. Just like with any major purchase you should come prepared to do business and if you do Maureen will reward your efforts. These guys truly are the best in their respective platforms. I'm so glad that I purchased my car here. Buying a car has never been so pleasant!!!!
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Sales (Used) - Bayside, NY

I want to say Thank you to Koeppel Subaru.Outstanding customer service and great people.Very helpful and understandable I would strongly recommend Koeppel Subaru.
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