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Safety Features Make Subaru Stand Apart


NY Subaru Safety Features | New York Car Dealer

From their unique style to their environmentally conscious design, New York Subaru's are one of a kind. The brand constantly strives to get the best performance out of their cars by incorporating top features into their designs. The most important and successful of their features comes in the form of three unique safety features: frame design, crumple zone, and disconnecting engine.
Queens Subaru Safty FeaturesOne of the most effective ways that a car protects passengers during accidents is by diverting energy away from them. To do so, Subaru builds their cars with a unique…

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2015 BRZ Limited

NYC 2015 BRZ Limited | New York Subaru Dealer

There are those who need to escort their families to school, others who need to feel gravel beneath their tires at least one weekend a month, and then there are those who like to go fast. For those people there are sports cars like the new NY 2015 Subaru BRZ Limited. Most Subaru's have at least a small hint of zoominess but the BRZ takes it to the nest level with swift mechanics and a light-weight build.
NY 2015 BRZ Limited

The BRZ is all flash with an impeccably smooth exterior, brilliant alloy five-spoke wheels…

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Bad Credit Car Financing

NY Auto Loans | Queens Subaru Dealer

NY Subaru Dealer

If you have bad credit, you're not alone; a quarter of American adults suffer from the same. This does not mean you will not qualify for an auto loan. It just means that the process of procuring a loan will be different. Here are some things to consider when you apply for a Queens Subaru car loan with bad credit.

If you're able to obtain a car loan, it's likely you'll have to pay a bit more for it through higher interest rates than someone with better credit. If your…

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Powerful Subaru 2015 WRX

NY Subaru WRX | Long Island Subaru Dealership

Manhattan Subaru

Step inside the new 2015 NY Subaru WRX and find yourself inside the newest in a long line of Subaru excellence. The new WRX touts new body styling with an eye towards a more sporty look thanks to its flared fenders and sharp angles, while still maintaining its rough and tumble image as a powerful rally car. Under the hood is Subaru's signature

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The Subaru XV Crosstrek for 2015

NY Subaru XV Crosstrek | Manhattan Car Dealer

Brooklyn Subaru Dealer

If you're looking for a vehicle that provides a little more room and even more "oomph" than a sedan without the bulkiness of a gas-guzzling SUV, consider the new 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek. This light-weight hatchback was made to traverse everyday streets and rougher roads. The NY Subaru XV Crosstrek provides the space and driving experience you need with the features you...

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The Sensible & Spacious 2015 Impreza

New York Subaru Impreza | Manhattan Subaru Dealer

Subaru Dealer Queens

It may be small, but the 2015 Subaru Impreza WRX manual and automatic packs a punch. A favorite American race car, the Subaru has got some upgrades in style, transmission, and fuel economy. The new New York Subaru Impreza now has a 6-speed direct-injected 2.0L turbocharged engine with 269 hp and 258pounds of torque. It now sports a...

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Toy Run

East Coast Car Association | Manhattan Subaru Dealer

Long Island Subaru Dealer

On November 17th, 2014 Koeppel Auto Group including, Koeppel Mazda, Koeppel Nissan, Koeppel Subaru and Koeppel VW, was proud to participate in the East Coast Car Association Toy Run to benefit St.Mary's Children's Hospital. The run started in Forest Park. Over 100...

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2015 Forester

2015 Forester | Subaru Car Dealer NY

Queens Subaru Dealer

The 2015 Subaru Forester is many things. It is the sure-footed, trailblazing ruggedness you have come to expect of Subaru vehicles. It is a brilliant blend of performance and efficiency. Not least of all it is a vehicle built with the driver in mind, at the affordable price of just $22,195. Built to inspire confidence on the road ahead, this is the...

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New 2015 Subaru Legacy

Manhattan Subaru Legacy | Style & Power

Brooklyn Subaru Legacy

Are you in need of a stylish yet roomy car that gets you outstanding mileage no matter the New York weather? Then look no further, the new 2015 Subaru Legacy is the car for you.

The Legacy comes in seven trims, two of which are sitting on our lot, waiting to be driven away. These are the 2.5i Premium and 3.6R Limited. This new Subaru has been...

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